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i need help!!!!!

2010-01-07 21:08:06 by rey619lh

ive regonized and admit dat i dont do gud when it comes to drawing the human anatomy.and since i havnt gone 2 an art school my art looks like shit compared 2 th rest of th art dat is uploaded. all of my art skills ive been gettin from r from watchin youtube videos..

my question is is their any other sites instead of posemaniacs! that i can look in2?
im open 2 suggestions :)

any ideas?

2009-09-09 12:46:18 by rey619lh

idont really hav time to draw since im in school, and my inspiration is a lil in hold, does any1 have any ideas on wat i should draw next or atleast giv me som insparation?

really disapointed

2009-08-30 23:12:12 by rey619lh

umm due to the fact dat im not scouted i cant put up more thn 24 pictures heh nd for some reason i see scouted art dat prob. a lil 4yr old drew during arts and crafts in summer skool

umm since icant post it with my other art i quess ill jus posted it as news
-you will want her to suck ur blood all nite nd u wont mind at all

really disapointed

un belivable

2009-08-23 12:13:20 by rey619lh

how in the i dont get scouted whn people dat r way worst at drawing r getin scouted all th

Im lookin for a new tablet to draw cuz drawing with a mouse isnt really helping , rite now my choice is the bamboo fun,but i noe theres way more digital drawing tablet. So my qestion is, has there been a new drawing tablet released yet? if there is what is it?

shoppin for a digital drawing tablet

real art genius

2009-07-26 15:13:29 by rey619lh

i was browsin th web nd found thz video, i was really astonished itz simply amaizin! See 4 ur self :D

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feelin gud

2009-07-23 15:40:05 by rey619lh

lol i jus felt like postin thz up i noe thz is a lil old but it never gets old lol XD

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.....igot unscouted.......again........icant seem to last atleast 2weeks scouted :(

i havnt gottn th time to post new pieces of art on to art portal and with a job i hardly find time to post or draw any drawings, but now since i got fired i finally have th time, !every tuesday i will post 2 new drawings! rest of thweek ill be prob be busy lookin for anew job....wish me gud luck

icant belive i jus got unscoudet my drawings arent bad wat ido wrong?